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Ever wonder how to wake up feeling energized? Wish you could move through your day with mental clarity? or even just remove toxins from your body with regular digestion? Great news... most health conditions and symptoms can be improved with proper nutrition and stress management tools.

Desert Mindful Nutrition exists to empower clients by providing an integrative food-first approach to improving health through nutrition. We focus on goals to reduce symptoms and improve overall physical and mental well-being. First, we examine our relationship with food and its impact on our body, adding in supportive nutrient-rich foods and, on occasion identifying and eliminating symptom-triggering foods. Supportive supplements are recommended on an as-needed basis. Personalized nutrition tailors recommendations to your specific needs, therefore we work toward sustainable changes that provide long-term results. Typically avoiding calorie counting or long-term food tracking is advised. Education is provided on what our bodies need to thrive, from nutrition basics to mindful eating strategies, improving sleep quality, and stress management techniques.

Our services are offered virtually or in person at our Northwest Tucson office by appointment only. To learn more and see if you are a good candidate for our services click the Discovery Call button to book a free intro call.


Integrative Nutrition Consultation

90-minute Deep Dive Into Your Health

Conditions addressed:

  • Autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Hashimoto's
  • Thyroid disorders- hypo/hyper
  • Cardiovascular health - hypertension, high cholesterol/triglycerides, POTS
  • Fertility, Women’s Health/hormones - menopause, PCOS, endometriosis
  • Gut health- digestive complaints, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac disease, Colitis, Crohn's
  • Skin disorders such as acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • Brain injury recovery
  • Pregnancy, Postpartum recovery + breastfeeding support
  • Mental health - anxiety, depression
  • Pediatrics: Weight gain, constipation, picky eaters (60 minute sessions)

Nutrition Follow-up:

  • Single follow-up sessions, or discounted packages of 6.
  • Most clients benefit from regular follow-up - weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on needs.
  • Focuses primarily on nutritional needs

Community Grocery Shop:

  • In-person opportunity to gain tools to make grocery shopping less stressful and steamlined
  • Read and analyze nutritional labels together
  • Learn how to shop seasonally 
  • Strategies for shopping on a budget 

Mind + Body 6 Month Integrative Nutrition Program

Feeling stuck? This comprehensive program supports you through nutrition, stress management/nervous system work, sleep, and movement guidance. Most clients start to see energy increases, improved digestion, and better ability to combat stress effects within a few weeks

  • Personalized Nutrition Guidance updated each session
  • Supplement recommendations (10% discount on Fullscript)
  • Stress management, sleep quality & movement guidance
  • 1:1 Follow-up sessions (9 visits- 45 minutes)
  • Sample meal plans/recipe ideas based on your needs
  • Recorded lectures on mindful eating, nutrition basics, helpful tips for holidays, impacts of stress & ways to calm the nervous system. Learn at your own pace!
  • No interpretation fee for functional lab testing.
  • Unlimited text messaging for any questions and additional personalized support or resources as needed between sessions

Wellness Workshops

Group Program

Are you a business owner who wants to support the health of your clients or team? I am available for teaching sessions on anything from healthy living nutrition basics, to mindful eating and stress reduction techniques. Please contact me for additional details.


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