About Jayme White, MS, CNS

Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Specialist

After my lifelong struggles with chronic health conditions, I was burnt out and exhausted trying to find medical providers who took the time to listen and didn’t just want to prescribe a pill for my symptoms. Most people wouldn’t know by looking at me, an active 20-something at that time, but I was battling many symptoms and conditions: anxiety, severe fatigue, digestive issues, acne, endometriosis, infertility, and autoimmune flares (even though I didn’t know it then). I began to work with an Integrative Nutritionist and I finally felt heard, we dug deep into all my symptoms and began examining ways to improve my nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. I felt empowered having the tools to take steps to improve my quality of life, but also the knowledge to model healthy behaviors for my children.

This journey to improve my health over the past decade and the struggle to connect with providers who were compassionate, well-educated, and able to dig deeper led me to open Desert Mindful Nutrition. I know what it feels like to wake up every day frustrated with the way your body feels and functions, my purpose as a healthcare provider is to offer you the support I wish I had. I’ve done the work over the past several years of examining the current evidence-based research to develop my Mind + Body Nutrition Program to provide the guidance and support you need to feel empowered on your path to health.

Owner of Desert Mindful Nutrition Tucson AZ Jayme White nutritionist

My background working in healthcare for over a decade as a Speech-Pathologist, MS, has taught me so much about the importance of taking charge of your health before it’s too late. I am forever grateful for this and its bridge from specializing in Swallowing, Language, and Cognitive disorders to now a Nutrition-focused career. My nutrition training through Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine has included collaboration with many amazing Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutrition Specialists, Medical Doctors, and Naturopathic Physicians. I currently hold a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and am a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist through the American Nutrition Association. 

There is no better time than now to begin healing, can’t wait to support you on this journey!

With gratitude,

Jayme White, MS, CNS